Dec 172009

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In what has become something of a tradition, I spent the weekend baking cookies for Christmas gifts for my work colleagues.

This year I even presented them nicely in little Chinese take-out boxes.

I was initially going to make 3 types of cookies, but realised midway through baking that 2 was more than enough to fill the little boxes.  I made 2 types of cookies – chocolate, coconut and pecan and spiced snaps.

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Dec 162009

I had my first attempt at jam this weekend (it was a busy weekend in the kitchen!).  We had a lot of plums to use, so plum jam was the logical conclusion.

I used this recipe, which was easy to follow and simple.  I reduced it slightly as I only had about 700g of plums (after I pitted them).  I added about 400g of sugar and about 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.  Next time I would probably chop my plums up slightly more – it was still a bit chunky in the end.

The jam turned out quite well I think, although perhaps a bit runny.  J’s Mum later told me that you can check if the jam is done by putting a spoonful of it in the freezer for 2 minutes.  If when you pull it out and run your finger down it it ‘wrinkles’ then you know it’s thick enough!

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Dec 162009

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There is a lack of ‘authentic’ Mexican food available in Brisbane, unless  you consider Montezuma’s authentic…

I’ve been bemoaning this fact for quite a while – I’m convinced there must be more to Mexican food than Old El Paso taco mix and fajitas.  In such a situation, I turn to my fail-safe – the internet.

We made ‘prawn tacos’ on the weekend – using tortillas instead of hard shells.  I googled a few different recipes and came up with my own version.

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Dec 102009

We made this recipe several weeks ago, it’s just been waiting for the blog to get up and running.

Earlier this year we spent 4 months in Europe (you can read about our adventures here).  I, of course, was interested in getting the authentic travel experience by trying lots of regional specialities.

We enjoyed the egg-based spaetzle pasta on several occasions, so when we found a packet of the dried pasta at Aldi we decided to bring a bit of Germany into our kitchen.

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Dec 072009

We had friends over for dinner last night for a hearty meal of t-bone steak with sage, mushroom and kale risotto and roasted beetroot and onion salad.

For dessert we enjoyed a plum pie, served with whipped cream.  It was a lovely night of good food, good wine and good company.

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This was such a quick dessert to make, and a great introduction to pastry for people like me who are slightly fearful of it!