Nov 042010

[singlepic id=150 w=500 h=333 mode=watermark float=center]I recently read this post and stored it away in my “to do” file.  And of course, I had to make felafel to enjoy with my labne.  For those not in the know (like me until I read this post) labne is a middle eastern cheese made with a yoghurt base.  It’s tangy and pairs exceptionally well with felafel.

This is a recipe for felafel, slightly adapted to my tastes, that I found whilst scouring the web.  I do feel like some crucial spice or ingredient was missing, so I welcome any suggestions for additions.

I love felafel and I think it’s a great example of how satisfying and tasty vegetarian food can be.  I think even raging carnivores might be able to appreciate a felafel wrap!

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  3 Responses to “Felafel with labne”

  1. Well done! And yes this is a great example of tasty vegetarian meal :)

  2. This looks great! Did you make your own Labne? I have done that the cheat’s way, by putting plain greek yoghurt in a clean chux/cloth and hanging it in the fridge over a bowl. It takes about 12-24 hours and all the moisture drips out leaving a yummy firm cheese! Also, maybe your felafel’s needed a bit of salt. You didn’t mention that in the recipe? I know you’re not supposed to salt the chickpeas when soaking, but adding salt to the mixture might enhance the flavour a bit more??

  3. mmm looks good, though I’d up the spice dosages i.e. cumin and paprika, plus a little salt.


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