Jan 012011

At this time of year, leftovers are a source of anxiety.  I hate to waste food, but there are only so many ham sandwiches I can stomach in a short space of time!  One night this week I had ham to use, and leftover chilli.  The solution came to me in moments – crepes!

Crepes are a clever way to package and present leftovers as a new dish.  Growing up, my mum often made crepes when we had leftover spaghetti sauce – she’d stuff the crepes with sauce (and sometimes even leftover pasta), roll them up and grill some melted cheese on top.   I tried to ensure we had leftovers whenever we ate spaghetti, just so we could have crepes later in the week.

When it came to finding a recipe for crepes, who else would do but Julia Child?  She wrote the book on French food (literally!).  This recipe is adapted from her classic.  One thing worth noting, you need to plan ahead as the crepe mixture needs 2 hours resting time.

We ate our crepes stuffed with chilli, or stuffed with ham and grated pecorino cheese.  And the other beauty of crepes?  Instant dessert – several crepes were enjoyed drizzled with lemon juice and sprinkled with sugar.

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  1. Crepes are great, the ingredients are always in the pantry!


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