Sep 262010

[singlepic id=137 w=500 h=333 mode=watermark float=left] We went mulberry picking the other day.  Foraging in local parks and community land is fun, free and easy if you know what you’re looking for.  We’ve been waiting for these mulberries to ripen for what seems like an eternity, but this weekend we were fortunate.  It did require some dexterity on J’s part, as the bushes had been stripped on the easily accessible side, so all the remaining ripe berries were overhanging the creek.  We persevered and ended up with about 500g of mulberries.  Not really enough to make jam, but the perfect amount for mulberry pie.

You’ll have to excuse the picture of the pie – it was delicious, but I haven’t quite mastered my pastry yet.  This pastry is extremely short, which means it was very crumbly and quite difficult to roll out.  I do think it’s worth the extra time and energy to make your own pastry, however if that’s too intimidating, store-bought will also work.

If you don’t have access to wild mulberry bushes, other types of berries would work well.  You might need to adjust the sugar levels depending on the natural sweetness of the berries.  Strawberries are in season in Brisbane at the moment and they are deliciously sweet.  I would probably reduce the sugar if using them.

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  1. Looks good- I have problems with really short pastry too- actually, any type of pastry! I LOVE Mulberries- what a great time of year! Hope work is less stressful than it was.

  2. Oh how funny that you brought up foraging mulberries because a few houses down there’s a mulberry tree with ripe mulberries!


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