Jan 122012

These came from a recent edition of Donna Hay magazine, of course with several adaptations based on what I had in stock.  The dumplings are quite similar to a ricotta gnocchi recipe I have made previously by Maggie Beer.  This is a nice light meal but is still satisfying because of the protein from the ricotta.

I used spinach leaves from our garden – sadly the spinach plant has since been fried by the heat.  The recipe calls for baby spinach but you could also use normal spinach – you would just have to cook it briefly first and squeeze out the moisture.

The dumplings would also work well with a more traditional tomato pasta sauce, or you could do a brown butter sauce (much like Maggie Beer’s recipe).  I recommend serving with a nice fresh green salad – my philosophy is you can never have too many vegetables!

[recipe-show recipe=spinach-and-ricotta-dumplings]

  2 Responses to “Spinach and ricotta dumplings with tomato salsa”

  1. Ooo, I love that these are boiled and then pan fried, it takes so much guesswork out of whether they’re “done” but also they’re not just boring and boiled :D Salsa looks like it would work wonderfully with this too.

    Shame about the hot weather ruining your spinach :(

  2. I love these with a browned butter-so simply but so good!


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