Oct 032010

If you ever want to give me a gift (unlikely though that might be!) a surefire winner is always a cookbook.  However, my bookshelf might have other ideas…

This recipe is adapted from a cute book J’s parents gave me after a recent trip to the Northern Territory: “Scrumptious Recipes from The Beanie Festival Teashop”.

It contains classic recipes, most of which are cakes, slices or pies and all of which look delicious.   This one is really delicious.

I adapted this from the original recipe, which used cashew nuts.  Pecans are one of my favourite nuts; they are grown in Australia and are in season at the moment.  I think the marriage of pecans and maple syrup works wonderfully well.

The other beauty of this recipe is it’s very simple; there are really only two steps.  You will need a set of electric beaters.

The cake is wonderful served warm (but not fresh from the oven, as the sugar will be exceptionally hot!) with a dollop of icecream.  It makes a lot of cake – so I recommend making it when you’re having friends over if you like being able to see your toes past your stomach.

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Mar 112010

We’re celebrating an engagement around these parts, so I whipped up this German Love Cake.  The recipe is very simple, and very rich.

I first tried this cake at a friend’s wedding a few years ago and was hooked.  I requested the recipe and have finally gotten around to making it!

This is a lovely cake to share with family and friends when celebrating something special – as the name would suggest.  I recommend serving with a little bit of ice cream or freshly whipped cream to cut through the richness of the cake.  However, it is also very enjoyable on its own.

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