Jan 092010

This is really just excuse to put up food porn ;)

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This is the roast pork with pears that I made for Christmas Eve.  The pork was from Clancy James Butcher at the Airport DFO.  They sell free-range pork, which is very hard to find in Australia.  Pigs are beautiful and highly intelligent creatures, and are predominantly factory farmed.  This site has some useful information.  I understand that for a lot of people, buying organic or free-range is not feasible – it is more expensive.  However, I would rather eat less meat, and spend the money to buy meat that I know was humanly treated.  I’m not trying to be preachy here, and I haven’t always felt this way, but I think once you become aware of these issues it’s hard to just forget about them.  I highly recommend Michael Pollen’s “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” if you’re interested in finding out more about where your food comes from.

The recipe can be found here and I thought it was great (and I’m not actually a huge fan of pork).  The crackling was crunchy, the pork kept moist by the stuffing and the pears were a lovely change from apples or applesauce.