Apr 252014

In my never-ending quest to fatten up my husband (I am failing miserably) I am trying to do more baking.  The idea is that J will have something he can easily snack on, or throw into in his lunch for a bit extra.  I am trying to keep the baking semi-healthy, as I am also known to partake.  One of the best tricks I’ve found is to substitute at least some of the oil or butter for Greek or natural yoghurt.  My stalwart is banana bread or muffins, but I will now be adding this recipe to my repertoire.

Instead of chia seeds, I subbed back in the poppyseeds.  I also left out the almonds and cranberries and found they were just fine without.  I highly recommend this recipe, it’s relatively low in sugar and fat, particularly when compared to a store-bought muffin!