Jul 152011

Brisbane has been going through a bit of a “cold snap” – I say that with a slight tinge of sarcasm as I’m well aware our 10* temperatures are hardly going to bring on hypothermia.  That being said, I am a Queenslander and my skin is exceptionally thin when it comes to the cold.  Of course, at this time of year I am drawn to the dark side – gone are the light salads and healthy (ish) food habits of summer – I want cheese, I was warmth and I tell myself that additional layer of fat helps me to conserve heat.

It is in this spirit that I give you this recipe for mushroom quiche, with all my love. A couple of minor changes – I cheated and used packaged puff pastry, and I pre-browned the mushrooms in some garlic, butter and parsley for extra flavour.

Don’t even try to kid yourself that it is healthy – it’s not.  It is delicious though.  Worth it for a special treat (or a Wednesday night, same difference).

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May 062010

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This pizza was definitely my best so far. I made the dough again using this Eggs on Sunday recipe. Instead of dividing it into two bases like last time, I just used it to make one. I think this was best as it gave the dough more body and a great crust.

I still have an abundance of cheese left over from our engagement party, thus the extravagent use of double cream Brie from King Island Dairy on a pizza… If you don’t have Brie, or don’t like it I would suggest that parmesan or even a strong cheddar or goat’s cheese would work well.

Another beautiful thing about this recipe is that it’s vegetarian friendly. However, if you are in the mood for meat you could always add bacon when you cook the spinach.

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