Feb 152010

[singlepic id=41 w=500 h=333 mode=watermark float=left]In a moment of weakness a few weeks ago, I ordered several cookbooks from Amazon.  One of my purchases was Ainsley Harriott’s “Fresh and Fabulous Meals in Minutes”.  It is no coincidence that I had been watching Ainsley’s show on tv earlier in the day.

I hardly need more cookbooks.  I’m fairly certain that if I was to cook every recipe in every cookbook I wouldn’t duplicate a recipe for 20 years.  However, there’s something about Ainsley’s cheeky and relaxed style that sucked me in.  And I have no regrets, if even half the recipes are as good as this one.

The mushrooms are meltingly tender.  If you cook them in the same pan as you just cooked the bacon, they take on the flavours of butter and bacon. If there is a better marriage of ingredients I don’t know it!  The garlic, added later in the cooking process, doesn’t have time to crisp up and turn bitter and instead mellows with the addition of the creme fraiche.  The thyme, my new favourite herb to use fresh, cuts through the richness of the dish and adds body to the flavours.

Make this dish for a loved one and they’ll be beating a path to your door.  And it is simplicity itself to put together – providing you with even more time to spend with said loved one.

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Feb 072010

One of my favourite food blogs is Smitten Kitchen.  The food pictures are amazing and I’ve yet to make a recipe I didn’t enjoy.

J and I cook nearly every night, but often the weeknight recipes aren’t that exciting.  However, on Tuesday we had mushrooms and rhubarb that needed to be used, so I turned to the interweb for inspiration.

Both of these recipes are available in full on Smitten Kitchen.

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For our main course we enjoyed Mushroom Bourguignon.  This recipe is vegetarian unless you use beef stock like we did!  I also added celery in with the carrot and onion – I think it added nice texture and it’s pretty hard to go wrong with onion, carrot and celery – I believe that’s considered the holy trinity in some parts!  If you like mushrooms give this a try – I promise you won’t miss the meat!

Our decedant dessert was Rhubarb Cobbler.  This was phenomenal.  I actually halved the “cobbler” dough and I found that was plenty.  We got two nights dessert out of this one, but we might be gluttons :)

I have never made cobbler before – we’re more used to crumbles in my familiy.   I was very impressed with the dense yet moist texture of the “biscuits” that cover the rhubarb.  The dough comes together so quickly and easily if you have a food processor.  The rhubarb is cooked with plenty of sugar to counteract the tartness.  Served with a scoop of vanilla bean icecream this was a delight to my tastebuds.  It was quite a treat and I will definitely make again, maybe with different fruit.

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