Jun 032011

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I find kneading pizza dough exceptionally relaxing and a nice way to spend a few minutes on a Saturday afternoon.  My go to recipe is now this one from Jamie Oliver – it always rises, it makes heaps of dough (which can also be frozen), and it produces a beautiful crust.

I think pizza is misunderstood – it doesn’t have to have millions of toppings, it doesn’t have to be unhealthy, and it certainly doesn’t have to be difficult.  This is a bit of a different take on pizza, using lots of delicious vegetables.  The original recipe can be found here.  However, I found the end result to be slighly lacking, and to improve it I would recommend brushing the vegetables with some pesto, or even a combination of oil, honey and seeded mustard just after roasting – I think this would really take the dish to the next level.

May 062010

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This pizza was definitely my best so far. I made the dough again using this Eggs on Sunday recipe. Instead of dividing it into two bases like last time, I just used it to make one. I think this was best as it gave the dough more body and a great crust.

I still have an abundance of cheese left over from our engagement party, thus the extravagent use of double cream Brie from King Island Dairy on a pizza… If you don’t have Brie, or don’t like it I would suggest that parmesan or even a strong cheddar or goat’s cheese would work well.

Another beautiful thing about this recipe is that it’s vegetarian friendly. However, if you are in the mood for meat you could always add bacon when you cook the spinach.

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Mar 282010

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Friday night is usually our night to get takeaway – we have an amazing Thai restaurant just down the road (Thai Chada if you’re interested) and that is our standby.  However, as we are eating out a fair bit in the next couple of weeks, I decided to try my hand at homemade pizza this time.

I made the dough using this recipe.  The dough turned out well, and cooked up nicely – it was thin and crispy.  However, I don’t think it my house was hot enough and it didn’t rise as much as I would have liked.  At first it wasn’t rising at all, so I tried various places around the house with no success, and ended up putting the bowl into a sink of hot water.  This seemed to do the trick – I’ll have to remember it in future.

We made two pizzas.  Both were tomato based, although I think we probably used a bit too much tomato paste.  Into the tomato paste we mixed fresh oregano and finely chopped local garlic.  What a revelation that garlic has been – it has 10 times the flavour of bleached garlic from China, and yet has a subtle sweetness that I really enjoy.

One pizza we topped with butternut pumpkin, green capsicum, sundried tomatoes and feta cheese.   The other had fried bacon, salt-dried olives (richer and more intense in flavour than regular olives), fresh tomato, potato and parmesan.

Both pizzas cooked in about 15 minutes in our ancient oven, although it was be less in a fan-forced oven.  We served the bacon, potato pizza with a drizzle of balsamic, and enjoyed numerous pieces with a delicious Reisling (Annie’s Lane, from the Clare Valley in South Australia).

I really encourage you to have a go at making your own dough.  It’s a bit labour intensive due to the kneading, but think of it this way – you’re burning off the calories you’ll consume when you eat your pizza!

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Jan 152010

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This is a very easy recipe, but it’s one of our favourites.  It’s adapted from Frances Mayes “Under the Tuscan Sun”, a lovely book which made me want to move to Tuscany!

I used a store-bought pizza base – it was a weeknight and I was feeling lazy.  However, you can make your own dough if you would prefer.

It hardly seems fair to call this a recipe – it’s more a combination of ingredients that work well together.  I do recommend using the best ingredients you have available.  Our sausages (and all our beef) are from Honest Beef.

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