Jul 212011

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Risotto in the pressure cooker?  Worth a crack I thought!  It probably wouldn’t have occurred to me at all if Not Quite Nigella hadn’t posted recently about her Bolognese Risotto.  Only problem – I had chicken I needed to use instead!  Not to worry, trusty Google to the rescue.  I found this recipe, which I adapted based on what I had in the fridge at the time – here is my version.

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Jun 302011

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We are down to the last few meals from our portion of a cow from Bonnie Beef.  I’ve been a bit stumped about what to do with our y-bone steak. I wanted something more than just a fried steak.  Flicking through my Women’s Weekly “Pressure Cooking” cookbook I found a recipe for Hungarian Goulash.  I handed the book and the steak to J and in just over half an hour this is what I got back!  Having a husband who likes to cook is a definite advantage on those nights when I simply can’t be bothered (yes, I have those too!).

I believe J threw in the brussel sprouts at the same time as the capsicum.

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Jun 262011

It was Saturday night and my Mum and her husband were coming over for dinner.  I had a 1.4kg piece of beef topside roast, a new pressure cooker and it was freezing cold.  Dinner was on the table with just over an hours work on my part.  The highlight, however, was the gravy.  It’s a bit of extra time and effort, but once you remove the beef and vegetables, crank up the heat and reduce the sauce down by about half until it’s thick, rich and delicious.

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Jun 222011

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For our recent wedding, my Dad and his wife gave us a stove-top pressure cooker.  I have fond memories of corned beef cooked in one by my Mum and Nana when I was growing up.  The gift also came with the modern Women’s Weekly cookbook “Pressure Cooking” and I soon discovered that a pressure cooker has many more applications than I ever knew!  It’s also perfect for preparing dishes that normally require a longer cooking time when you are under weeknight time pressures.  So, over the next few weeks I thought I’d do a bit of a series on dishes I cook in my latest gadget – originally titled “Under pressure”!

First up is osso buco in a tomato sauce. I am aware that traditional osso buco is just done in a white wine sauce (blanc) but this was the recipe in the cookbook.  I was surprised by how easy this was – I must confess a bit of apprehension at my first trial with the pressure cooker.  In just half an hour, I had meltingly tender osso buco on the bone, and one happy husband!

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