Jul 212011

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Risotto in the pressure cooker?  Worth a crack I thought!  It probably wouldn’t have occurred to me at all if Not Quite Nigella hadn’t posted recently about her Bolognese Risotto.  Only problem – I had chicken I needed to use instead!  Not to worry, trusty Google to the rescue.  I found this recipe, which I adapted based on what I had in the fridge at the time – here is my version.

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Apr 262010

Jamie Oliver is one of my food heroes.  I love his cooking style, but I also love his mission in life – to teach people to respect and enjoy delicious, healthy food.  That’s a philosophy I can get behind!

This recipe is loosely based upon Jamie’s spinach risotto recipe in his Cook with Jamie book.  Of course I’m rarely content to leave a recipe as is, so here it is with my modifications.  Unlike last time I posted risotto on this site, this is a real one – it requires a closer eye and more time at the stove, but the results are lovely. Worth doing on a cold night when you enjoy the heat of the stove!

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Jan 252010

[singlepic id=31 w=500 h=333 mode=watermark float=left]Risotto would have to be one of my favourite meals.  I love mushrooms and I don’t think you can go past a good mushroom risotto.  It’s often the thing I’m most drawn to on Italian menus.

However, when I don’t have mushrooms, I like to play around with my ingredients a bit.  This time around I made a very easy and quick pumpkin, corn and chicken risotto.  I realise now that this made for a very yellow photo!  I hope you like the recipe anyway.

A lot of people have this perception that risotto is hard or very time consuming.  I think this is a bit of a fallacy – it’s not difficult at all, but it is a bit time consuming and you do need to hover around the stove gradually stirring in the stock until it is absorbed.  I am a fan of this method of cooking risotto, but it’s just not practical in summer.  So this is my fallback recipe when I want the comfort of risotto, without having to sweat over the hot stove!

Be warned, this doesn’t produce a risotto with the same texture as if you used the traditional method. But I still love it.  I found the chicken added a nice textural difference, and the corn and pumpkin added a gentle sweetness.  This recipe is cooked without butter, so it is actually quite healthy.  However, if you’re feeling decadent feel free to stir in a spoon of butter once the risotto has finished cooking.

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