Sep 052011

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My forays into breadmaking are rare, and rarely very successful. Perhaps this will change now that I have a Kitchenaid to help me with the kneading?

This was a recipe I had saved in my google reader for several months, waiting for the right occasion to make it. One cool weekend I made a big batch of soup, and I thought these rolls would be the perfect side. Fortunately I was right. They kept quite well also, with J enjoying them for the next few days.

You’ll see in the picture that I may have browned them slightly more than I should have. They weren’t quite burnt but they were on the cusp. One day I will work out this oven! They actually work very well quite browned, it gives them a nice crunch on the outside whilst remaining soft and forgiving on the inside.

The recipe I used is from here. It is a vegan version, but I simply de-veganised it by using 2 tbs of butter instead of the Earth Balance, and an egg instead of the egg replacer.

Next time, I’d like to try using half wholemeal flour. I’m reluctant to use only wholemeal flour as the few times I’ve tried the final product has the texture and density of a brick.  If anyone knows how to avoid this please let me know!

Dec 162009

I had my first attempt at jam this weekend (it was a busy weekend in the kitchen!).  We had a lot of plums to use, so plum jam was the logical conclusion.

I used this recipe, which was easy to follow and simple.  I reduced it slightly as I only had about 700g of plums (after I pitted them).  I added about 400g of sugar and about 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.  Next time I would probably chop my plums up slightly more – it was still a bit chunky in the end.

The jam turned out quite well I think, although perhaps a bit runny.  J’s Mum later told me that you can check if the jam is done by putting a spoonful of it in the freezer for 2 minutes.  If when you pull it out and run your finger down it it ‘wrinkles’ then you know it’s thick enough!

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