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Treacle is a cafe/restaurant that prides itself on using the freshest and most seasonal produce.  Executive Chefs and Owners Richard Gardner and Shenyia Laverack have put together a Modern Australian menu and have focused on using some of the excellent Queensland produce at their fingertips.

Breakfast is beautifully presented and the menu has a great variety of sweet, savory, gluten-free and vegetarian options.  The coffee was very good and the meal sizes are generous.  I enjoyed my breakfast but I think perhaps my dining companians made better selections.

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I ordered roasted field mushrooms on sourdough with grilled haloumi cheese and roasted tomato.  It was enjoyable, but I felt my mushrooms were a bit plain and I would have preferred if they had more flavour to them.

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One dining companion ordered herb-roasted potatoes, oven baked with baby roma tomatoes served with spinach and poached eggs and toast.  Her eggs were perfectly poached – breaking them open the yolk ran out onto the toast and potatoes.

My other companion dislikes eggs, so she ordered the zesty avocado on sourdough with bacon, roast tomato and rocket.  She opted to add haloumi as well.  The avocado was generously slathered on the toast and I think the addition of haloumi was inspired (but then, I think cheese makes nearly everything better).

On a separate occasion, I visited Treacle for lunch with J and friends who were visiting from Sydney.  The lunch menu seems to stay pretty constant year around, although they do have daily specials which seem to have a more seasonal focus.  I was hoping to have something reasonably light as we were going out for dinner the same night.  I ordered the Thai style rice fish cakes which are served with a side salad and dipping sauce.  The flavour of this dish was lovely, but I didn’t realise the cakes would be deep fried.  I think they might have been left in the a fryer a bit too long also, as they were a bit crispy for my liking.  I think I probably would have enjoyed this dish a bit more if there had been several smaller cakes, rather than two enormous ones.  However, overall I still enjoyed my meal, and ate with gusto.

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J ordered one of the specials – lamb ribs in crispy breadcrumbs with a sticky Asian dipping sauce.  Our server informed us that one of the secret ingrediants in the sauce is actually Coca Cola.  I am not a big ribs person (I find them too fatty), but J loved this dish.   I was impressed by the dish, particularly as it was something really different that I haven’t seen on a menu elsewhere.

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Overall I enjoyed my Treacle dining experience, and I will probably be back before too long – hopefully for a wine matching night they are having in May!  I’m always keen to support local businesses with sustainable practices when the owners are passionate about what they do.

Treacle is located at Grange and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner Tuesday-Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sundays.

Shops 2-3 Days Rd
Ph: 3352 4144
Web: www.treaclecafe.com.au

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  1. This looks INCREDIBLE.

    I’ve given you a shout-out on Twitter because I feel like I now have to head here.

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